Global Survey of Creativity in Government, 2020 – update

I’ve been slow writing up the results of the Global Survey on Creativity in Government but I’ve summarised the key findings below. These were shared at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival, 2020.

The total number of people who completed the survey was 355 – the results below are based on 329 responses across 33 countries that we’d received at the time.

Some of the insights:

  • People see themselves are far more creative (73.5% as high or very highly creativity) than their organisations (20.5% as high or very highly creative)
  • A creative organisation would work across silos (66% high and very high)
  • Government organisations seem to be more creative since Covid and public employees feel that they are more creative now (from 42.7% to 49%)
  • Public employees like to add value and enjoy collaborating with others
  • Hierarchies and management culture are seen as the most significant factors reducing creative cultures
  • 87% of people say they could contribute more creatively at work
  • The most significant thing organisations could do is give employees more freedom to explore ideas and start projects
  • 48% feel greater pride in their work since Covid
  • 80% of participants hope that the legacy of Covid is more flexible working arrangements

Thanks so much to the people who took the time to complete the survey and to the Creative Bureaucracy Festival for distributing it.

I think the value in this work is getting a better sense of the lived experience, hopes and priorities of public employees.

Hopefully we can repeat the survey annually and grow the numbers of responses over time. This will help us make a better comparison across countries and the cultures of government.

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