Creative Bureaucracy Festival, 2020

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival will be entirely on-line from September 28 – October 2 2020.

It is shaping up to offer an amazing range of serious and more playful sessions.

This year the festival is specifically looking for people, stories and sessions dealing with four thematic threads:

  • “The Silver Lining” – focusing on the good that has evolved during the pandemic and new/shifted practices that should be retained
  • “Learning from…” – thoughts on how bureaucracy can learn from other areas – such as the arts, gaming, activism etc. – and vice versa

  • “Bureaucrats in their own words” – shining a light on the personal stories of remarkable bureaucrats who have gone above and beyond to advance the common good

  • “The Contented Citizen” – inspiring case studies highlighting how institutions/orgs have directly or indirectly made citizens’ lives that little bit happier


Check out the latest information at


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