The Bike Economy project comes out of a Create SA workshop earlier in the year. It is mapping the bike economy in SA in the context of global and local trends. The market for bikes, accessories and events is developing fast. Cities across the world are encouraging the greater use of bikes. People like the autonomy, connection to nature and health benefits that come from cycling.

Yet the relationship between cycling and city economies is rarely explored. Far more bikes than cars are sold every year. Some of these bikes cost more than cars. There are fast growing markets for electric bikes and sensor connected bikes. Passionate riders are savvy consumers.

SA is already competing in this space – with local designers, manufacturers, retailers and events. But we could be doing far better. This report will consider the current state of the bike economy in SA and how we could capture more business opportunities and jobs. It will also explore the close connections between the bike economy, coffee culture and craft beer. SA is already the nation’s leading bike tourism destination. We host one of the most significant bike racing events outside the Tour de France. There are far more high value bike related businesses here than we know. It’s an area ripe for innovation and industry development.

An initial presentation will be available in December, 2015. A report will be finalised early 2016.

Any thoughts on the potential of the bike economy will be gratefully received.